Your Adventist Neighbors

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Taste & See

“Lord, thank You for cake,” the prayer began.

A couple dozen colleagues had just shared stories that somehow included cake (or the lack of cake):

  • Bruce told how a church he visited had a “Unity Cake” to bring the congregation together to pray for a new pastor.
  • Matthew recounted how he visited a particularly friendly church, but missed out cake at lunch time.
  • Peter recalled how he helped teach 60+ teenagers about sailing in Olympia and Tacoma (and how the adults made good lunches for the youth).
  • Heidi shared about wishing to bring a sweet treat to meet a neighbor and God giving a different (and better) divine appointment.

When the prayer began, “Lord, thank You for cake,” there was a specific reason! Cake, in various forms through these stories, helped us meet neighbors, reminded us to pray for people, and brought God-directed appointments.

Psalm 34 instructs us to “extol the Lord at all times,” to “glory in the Lord,” to “exalt His name together” (v. 1-3). Look for God’s glory today. See how He will answer your prayers, deliver you from your fears (v. 4), save you from trouble (v. 6), encamp around you with safety (v.7), and bless those who take refuge in Him (v. 8).

Today, taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8)!