Your Adventist Neighbors

Welcome Neighbor!

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is one of the fastest growing Christian denominations in the United States.  In churches large and small, close to 20 million people world-wide come together every Saturday Sabbath to worship the Lord.

Adventist congregations are scattered from Seattle to Melbourne to Bangalore and nearly everywhere in between. These believers — speaking hundreds of different languages and coming from every imaginable culture and social group — are united by God’s love and the powerful hope that flows from the life and teaching of Jesus.

We believe that Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible, is at the very center of all our beliefs. We follow Biblical teaching regarding the Sabbath. We observe this holy day on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. Following the guidelines in scripture, the Sabbath is observed from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. It is a day of rest and worship that is dedicated to growing our relationship with our Creator.

There is something truly special about worshipping on this day that God has set aside to meet with His people. To find a church near you, use the church locator or call (253) 681-6008.

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